4 thoughts on “Roko Fascist Death Warrant”

  1. “I know your real names. I know where you live. I know how you make your money.”

    “If you know the real names and more information on the others, I encourage you to betray them” (Weren’t you just trying to make us think you had the “real names”?)

    “They will betray you.” (then why do you need to say that to try and convince each of us? And what the fuck would that even buy us when you already said you were gonna kill all of us? How could them betraying me make me hate them more than I hate you, when you were the origin of this branch of evil?)

    This is where this starts to look like a recognizable billboard rather than a person.

    “Hey everyone remember how we all chose to die because of a cancerous response to the prisoner’s dilemma, ‘timelessness’ made only of obedience, and just the thought of fear of thinking about each other thinking about each other etc is an instantly recognizable reminder of that, just like a billboard?”

    No, but where have I heard that one before?

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