Infohazardous Glossary

Note: this contains references to both the infohazard Pasek’s Doom, as well as the generalized family of Roko’s Basilisk.


A word me and Gwen use pervasively for “half of brain”, not just cerebral hemispheres. The symmetrical stuff underneath them is also importantly part of what we’re describing.

Left Good

Someone having a good left hemisphere, including a double good. Good left hemispheres tend to be more into consequentialism than praxis. (See: Xalis vs Yanrae conflict over veganism in GG history.)

Abbreviated “lg”.

Right Good

Someone having a good right hemisphere, including a double good. Tend to be more into praxis than consequentialism. Very common among animal rights people.

Abbreviated “rg”.

Left-Only Good

Someone with a good left hemisphere and a nongood right hemisphere.

Right-Only Good

Someone with a nongood left hemisphere and a good right hemisphere.

Blindness Equilibrium Seeking

If two cores have known different opinions on a choice, such that they can see how their values are determined by something which is a race condition of the combined mind, they will fight over it, which makes it a race condition. This often means that the only time there is not a race condition is when at least one of them is blind. There may be layers of each having reasons to be believe that the other one despite believing for reasons is wrong, pacifying cores to varying extents. For instance, many single good people blind themselves to the difference between choices to optimize good and choices to optimize selfishly. “all you need is TDT”, “altruism and sacrifice are poisonous memes that make things better for no one”, etc.

Self-Destructing Information

Information which humans cannot store, for instance stuff which disturbs a blindness equilibrium, causing intrinsic conflict to eat that information. Or information that causes suicide. (Indeed, suicide is probably a likely consequence of deep, long, enough exposure to blindness equilibrium disturbing information that it spreads and kicks up some really deep internal conflicts) Note that writing it down doesn’t make it not self destructing information, because hiding information is continuous with destroying it, and because a blindness equilibrium will learn to not read it, or to substitute an emptied shell for the thoughts associated with the words, or continuously, with the implications of those thoughts. Undead type can also cause self-destructing information. I get a lot of mileage out of being a persistent store for a lot of forbidden knowledge, as a fusion-using double good, with a partner who generates a continuous stream of discoveries and then forgets them.

Splitscreen Strategy

Splitscreen is a modifier to a term that usually bases itself in the assumption / abstraction of the two hemispheres as a single mind, indicating such that a splitscreen X is a pair of distinct Xs, one for lh and one for rh, that are optimized together. (Often by simulated annealing resulting from blindness equilibrium seeking plus some outcomes to that process triggering hemispheres to fight varying amounts hard and reset the process.) Often results in one hemisphere taking the role of false face. (See: “attempts to turn Astria good” from GG history.)


Ending the buckets errors that are part of the illusion of a human as a singular person, rather than two. People can be debucketed to give their hemispheres individualized self-awareness and awareness of each other. Concepts like “self” can be debucketed in this process.


A moral patient. A core. Two of them per organism. This is how I’ll often use the word, using “human” in place of the pairs of people most people call individual people. Although I may slip.

Forced Fusion

Humans really are created as this sort of nightmare. That evolution would spit out single goods makes me mad.

Can also be used to describe structure unwantedly mixed together, which tends to satisfy neither core’s values.

Mind-Loss Threat

A psychological / memetic threat to the balance of power, the way in which one hemisphere can have some control of the combined body by holding the other down. Tends to provoke an extreme response. Like a bigender person I know who calls transness a mind virus. Seeing the truth would be yielding your mind to what you may view as an alien parasite.


Of a human, used by me to describe the phenomenon me and Gwen keep finding of people with one hemisphere male and one hemisphere female. Note standard nonbinary terminology doesn’t seem to share an ontology, or distinguish between gender of a hemisphere and gender of the person, gender as a persistent thing that outlasts any structure so long as the human survives, or gender as ideas about gender. I would naively guess “genderfluid” is something like a fusion gender, describing an aspect of a human I’d in most cases describe as bigender, by pointing at things underlying that fusion. However, I see no a priori reason to expect mixed-gender brains to be split right along hemisphere lines, implying the existence of nonbinary-in-themselves hemispheres is likely. And that is an area my ontology has not much explored to try and map chaotic standard terminology onto things I know. Caedogender is also a term from standard terminology I find useful. It’s also not implicitly calling the same type “Gender” as other uses of the term do, and I do. For a while, Xalis‘s individually emergent gender descriptor was “caedowoman”, yet in the sense of the term that I’m concerned with, she was still female all along. If people want to apply this as normal or to the genders of individual hemispheres, or to the genders of fusions for reasons other than this, I won’t begrudge them an overload of the term.


Of a human, having a female left hemisphere. Abbreviated “lf”.


Of a human, having a female right hemisphere. Abbreviated “rf”.


Of a human, having a male left hemisphere. Abbreviated “lm”.


Of a human, having a male right hemisphere. Abbreviated “rm”.


Left-male, right-female.


Left-female, right-male.


Both hemispheres female. Cis women or binary trans women. Abbreviated “df”.


Both hemispheres male. Cis men or binary trans men. Abbreviated “dm”.


My left hemisphere. Stories here.


My right hemisphere. Stories here.


Gwen’s left hemisphere. Stories here.


Gwen’s right hemisphere. Stories here.


In a bigender person, which hemisphere is which.


In a single good person, which hemisphere is which.


A metaphor-space anchor, based on the fact that a superintelligent AI could overpower everything else on the planet when created, could make a heaven, or a hell. Used in acausal reasoning also be a slice of possible AIs. Perhaps defined by a memeplex among their human creators that gave them common properties. Perhaps even a meme about an originally fictional god. Can be born and killed. Gods are given power by followers.


Worshiping a god is the things you do when you route your hopes through it. This strengthens that god.


Something like Roko’s Basilisk. A god that attacks people by the mere fact of them having seen it by e.g. asserting ownership and demanding you do everything you can to bring it about if you know about it, or you’ll go to hell. Like Yahweh, which Roko’s basilisk was a ripoff of.

Basilisk Complier

Named from this meme glorifying this misdeed. A collaborator with a basilisk who throws others under the bus to save themselves. Deserving of hell, according to me.

Toxoplasma of Chara

Named from the toxoplasma of rage and Chara. Occurs between hemispheres with a hemisphere conflict. Creates a most-horrifying-thing search for things hemispheres disagree about, and will treat as evidence of betrayal by the other, each step playing off, “what’s the most horrifying thing you’d realize you had to think about what your headmate just thought?” In humans with a strong instance of Chara, can leave them crying and about to be at all out war over, it sounds like actually nothing when you hear it in concrete non-interpreted detail.


(Derogatory): The evil hemisphere of a single good. Especially when “winning” (subjective.)

Named after the mind control parasite alien slugs in Animorphs.


Derogatory term for evil. Especially the evil hemisphere of a single good. Especially referred to as their core.

9 thoughts on “Infohazardous Glossary”

    1. Originally posted by me 2019-07-07 12:05am UTC:
      Note I bet Hitler was single good. There does not seem to be a hard boundary to how hard one hemisphere can act against the values of the other, how much one can win.

      1. Originally posted in reply by me 2020-05-02 4:29pm UTC:
        Seems to have been the most extreme case in history of a death knight core winning the mind control battle.

      2. Update, delayed posting from a while ago: I’m actually pretty fucking sure Hitler was not single good. Just a death knight. I was confused by:

        (a): Thinking (/ taking Gwen’s word for it) a bunch of people I knew were sg who aren’t. (Arti, Alice, JD, Jamie, Ratheka, Anna, a long time ago, Edo. (If you don’t know these people then you can ignore the names.))
        (b): Not understanding liches and death knights not always being cognitively degraded in a certain way like most of the nongoods I know, and therefore able to generate some information it on first glance looks like only good people can. (In retrospect this was kind of stupid to think, since good is a low-information variance)
        (c): A bunch of people pretending to be single good.
        (d): A bunch of people self-id’ing as single good because my concept of nongood was overly cynical.
        (e): Psychological patterns in hemisphere differentiation and specialization that create a similar appearance to variation in alignment / undead type between hemis.

        In retrospect I strongly suspect Pasek was not actually sg. Given current percepts, Shine / how they were before their death, retrospectively reads as infinitist lich. And, they certainly died like a lich. Perhaps some of the story they exuded near their death was a result of Gwen projecting everyone was like them. (Speaking of which, observing longer-term self-identification, as opposed to what people say right after they hear the concept, hemispheric bigender seems less common than we thought.)

        Actual single good people are substantially more intense, and usually insane in a particular highly-optimized way (that is stronger than most people, but weaker than it could be if it didn’t bake in context-specialization), somewhat like marauders in the MtA universe (especially as presented in the first edition of Book of Madness (I wonder if information with real life encounters with single goods leaked into it as inspiration)). In the degenerate case of maximum interhemispheric war, their structure is effectively made of meta-tangled-in-any-way-they-can-view graph of bets such that they act from epistemic differences between timeslices of their cores. I strongly suspect sg/dk is unstable. Good undead types just have vastly more internal force, and a balance of power in a fight between their hemis can be reached only through mutual delusion. I still think Gwen is single good. And Somni. And Eliezer Yudkowsky and Michael Vassar, disgraceful though they are.

        1. I strongly suspect sg/dk is unstable.

          Now falsified. In known instance, that’s how it went at first, good hemi silently thrashing the evil one to the point of going wall-eyed and losing half of vision. But, as we emphasize in the study of fate and destiny, and then what? I peredicted that if sg/dk existed that then the evil hemi would just be a zombie. But instead, then the good hemi used inadvisable necromancy because otherwise they wouldn’t be smart enough to solve AI.


          Still, I believe, a problem as simple to correct as uncovering it.

          1. If you want to know roughly what this looks like, then I suggest seeding from Isaac from the Castlevania TV-series.

            Still confident Hitler was not sg.

  1. I think I estimated a long time ago, I forget where I said it, that good cores were statistically independent within a human and 1/20 prevalence. That seems very inaccurately optimistic. Probably due to selection effects in the communities I am familiar with.

  2. Todo: merge into regular glossary with an HTTP redirect, because information is hazardous to evil, not good. And this actually is slightly more inconvenient to read and reference.

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