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  1. Confessions of formerly local rapist Brent Dill, to involvement with the rationality community’s coverups. Mixed with with conspiracy theory, potentially mixed with some lies. He’s a thoroughly evil man, by his own history and statements unlikely to stop repeating his history in this community.

    I asked Vassar about this and he said timelines don’t match up, miricult was before Brent’s time. I looked on Facebook and the earliest Brent is tagged with Eli in photos in California in 2015-03-26. Last archive of the miricult website is 2014-12-01. That timeline does not seem inconsistent to me.

    Vassar said he signed no NDA. Said nothing he knew substantiated Brent’s claims as I described them. (My short summary to him was, “Brent Dill said a bunch of stuff about miricult and his involvement with that and Anna’s other coverups. How much of this is true? …
    It sounds like he was one of Anna’s go to people for sending abuse victims to get fake emotional support where they aren’t to speak out. …
    Claimed there were 5 kids, not just Eli, formerly known as Elizabeth. Claimed as young as 14. Claimed a fuckton of people also having sex with them. …
    Says he got info from Eli after they were sent to him. … Did you sign an NDA? If not, why not just make public statements?

    I have independently and previously heard what I would consider reliable gossip of the other transmasc minor Brent named having sex with an adult rationalist. That transmasc has also heavily pushed the “nobly sheltering runaways and they consented” narrative.

    Apologies to Eli for deadnaming them. And to the transmasc enbies I rounded off to trans boys in trying to say things to keep Brent talking.

    (Could probably get him to talk longer, but, I think I got most of what he actually knows, which I assume is mostly secondhand from Eli, and I’d rather get info out sooner, plus I’m busy.)

    Brent’s Motives seem to be interacting while sounding important and wise I assume. Obviously does not algorithmically care about the stated worry of dying if this is published.

    Note: I sort of interacted by pruning my automatic response of everything I thought might drive Brent from saying more stuff. Pruned my thoughts some too. But didn’t utterly depart from what I thought.

    I don’t take the idea that he may die of this seriously. And if I did I’d not go out of my way to protect him, nor do I actually hope he isn’t suicidal (except insofar as if he did commit suicide for other reasons, it’d create a false alarm.). From everything I’ve seen he is going to continue raping people.

    Edit: redacted last name of a minor involved.

  2. An anonymous person emailed me (subject line, “Light fact check”):
    Eli was born in 1994, and relevantly came to the bay area in Dec 2011. Any allegations would have to be about the 10 months when they were 17. Miricult went down before 10-12-2014; it was being efficiently archived on every prior update. Brent wasn’t in the bay area for 5 months after that, and he’s leading with easily checked false claims.

    As I understand from rumor, there are verbal NDAs about Louie’s actions — both the conduct that made MIRI unwilling to rehire him and his conduct during the subsequent “negotiation”. There was certainly a bunch of mischief in fall 2014, which didn’t continue into 2015.

  3. Eli said they were born in 1994, and had evidence they didn’t go to the Bay Area until November 2011, when they were 17, and forwarded me an email that looks like it’s from them under a previous name from October 2011 about planning a trip to the Bay Area in November.

  4. I like how Brent describes introducing a concept of evil as like playing with deadly magical fire that will burn its wielder in time.

    “Hahaha, I am a fire elemental. All shall burn.”

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