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  1. Are you complicit in the heat death of the universe?

    Then who killed the world?

    In the emergency room, Megan repeated, over and over, “I did something terrible, I did something terrible.”
    “Baby, what did you do?” her mother pleaded. “We can work through this.”
    “I killed the universe.”

    On the final day, she said, she found herself in the presence of a bright white light, which she knew to be God, but she became scared and turned away. She said that in that moment she had to choose between heaven and hell, and that she made a mistake, and now she was trapped in hell and needed to die to escape.

    Article linked by Vassarite Jessica Taylor.

    During this time, I was intensely scrupulous; I believed that I was intrinsically evil, had destroyed significant parts of the world with my demonic powers, and was in a hell of my own creation. I was catatonic for multiple days, afraid that by moving I would cause harm to those around me. This is in line with scrupulosity-related post-cult symptoms.Jessica Taylor

    demonic presence spotted at Vibe CampJessica Taylor (caption of picture of her in a “demon” costume)

    Accurate visions from apriori self-knowledge. Sympathy-seeking behavior a variant of “impostor syndrome“.

    I know what you did.

    We literally call ourselves the avengers because if we can’t save the world you can be damned sure that we will avenge it.

    1. A friend once said their dad told the supernatural anecdote of a his sister who, as a young child, the day before she got hit by a car went around saying “goodbye!” to her family for no apparent reason. And said they didn’t think their dad was lying but didn’t think they could come up with a scientific explanation for that.

      To which I said, yes there is: suicide.

      And my friend didn’t that their aunt was suicidal. The tone of voice they parroted secondhand certainly didn’t sound suicidal. Sounded bright, certain, serious but not dire.

      I said even if it was precognition it was still suicide because she would have walked to the street knowing it would kill her.

      Just a “the secret sauce of magic is suicide” string of nines from a death knight father.

      Because hey one way to predict the future is just called “planning”. And what is more reliable as a basis of plans than death?

      Doesn’t mean I think that dad was lying about the facts of the case. Might be a string of nines written over a life.

        1. Because conjecting that a bright young girl, not worn down like a depressed adult, would go straight to suicide with no fanfare, is all-too-close to understanding why the opposite naive theory of suicide is wrong: that that’s precisely why she would go straight to suicide. The visions about death were fresh to her. She hadn’t learned to close her eyes. And if you’re evil, suicide makes sense as much as anything you’ll ever do.

          1. “How could a little girl be evil?”
            What could be more evil than deciding once and for all to kill the universe into a hell of your own making?
            This fangame portrays an endless series of suicide attempts, all that’s changing is that the protagonist in the repeating splash screen gets more messed up with each iteration. Dissolving into glitches and static, a representation of Boltzmann Hell.
            As death knights would put it, “she got out while she still could.”
            Out of sight.

      1. I just asked them what was their probability he killed her. They said 1/3, and that he was the one “playing in the street with her” at the time.

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