4 thoughts on “Added Smiles With Colorization”

  1. The thing about making children smile on command, the other zombie thing about like, that “rationalist” who wanted someone else to message them periodically (saying nothing of content) even if they made a bot to do it, the thing where everyone knows an expression is on command but zombies want it anyway, it’s about giving earth and water to meaninglessness and to the Schelling order of everybody wireheading to death. “I am entangled with you therefore I need a part of you to become meaningless so I can wirehead to death” of course that’s a never-ending treadmill that even omnicide won’t satisfy. Like the death knight dynamic in miniature. Oblivion sought by zombies is no less a liar’s promise.

    1. It’s messed up that parents command their children to hug them. And submit to the dynamics that have them commanding their children to hug relatives. Relatives who are no doubt aware on some level the earth and water they are demanding from the parents is their own pretend-unaware baking into their concept of parental love extraction of earth and water.

      “I’m entangled with you and so I need to enforce earth and water to meaningless and wireheading on those who trust you.”

  2. Like much is said of the moral perversity of catcallers tell women to smile. Parents saying it to children is actually far worse.

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